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The Sunflower Projector!

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Very nice purchase to be honest! The screen is really on point with it's clean texture. I thought it would be decent but it turns out to be really good for the price! My daughter is happy with it and so am I. The shipping was also on time.

Ruth Jennings

Works perfectly! Exactly as the description. I recommend it 100% Arrived in Netherlands in 2 weeks after ordering. Packaging is good. Quality is good regarding the price. It works with aux speakers and flash disc. Pretty convenient user interface. Everything was above expectations. Recommend to order with tripod.

Lacey Homenick

Everything is great about the SunnySide Projector. Apparently, it can be powered by a power bank. 10000 mAh power bank can fully charge it for 4-5 hours so I am satisfied with it. Colours are great and the sound is decent as expected. Volume can be turned up pretty high. Recommended the projector as it is a great product.

Cheyenne Ankunding